• Fruit cakes

  • Select the fruit cake you like the most, and we make it for you. Our fruit cake is covered with real whipped milk cream, sponge vanilla, strawberry or chocolate cake, and filled with fruit and dulce de leche. We can elaborate it in different shapes: rounded, square or rectangle. It tastes better with a pinch of liquor: Pisco, Marsala wine, Vodka, Tequila, or Port. The cake is prepared the very same date it is delivered. Since preservatives are never used, we suggest you to place your order with anticipation. Click below for more details.

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  • Special cakes

  • We understand how important and significant this special day is for you, so we address our effort in make it unforgettable. We have many models and ideas for Weddings cakes, graduations, anniversaries, logo companies, recognition, promotions, bachelor parties, baby showers, first year birthday, romanctic, and many other special cakes are our speciality. If you have an idea for a special cake, just bring it and share it with us. Together, we are going to make that day the best one in your life. Click below for more details.

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  • Peruvian desserts

  • Our emblematic dessert is the Alfajor; Our business foundation is based on the traditional Peruvian Alfajor, and we are proud of that. The Alfajor is made of flour, cornstarch and filled with dulce de leche. We have it in differents flavors and sizes. Along with the Alfajor, we also have the piononos, arroz con leche, mazamorra morada, crema volteada, torta helada, zanguito, arroz sambito, turrones, suspiro de limeña, milhojas de manjarblanco, and many other desserts from the Peruvian traditional bakery. Click below for more details.

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Special occasions

Wedding cakes

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