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Luchita’s Bakery is a traditional homemade bakery business oriented; our bakery is based on the traditional Peruvian, custom made, thematic and international bakery. Our products are fresh and elaborated the very same date they are requested. We do not use any preservatives, artificial flavors or ingredient substitutes. We have been in the business for almost 40 years ine Peru and US, and we guarantee your satisfaction on every product.


Luchita at Peru Fusion & Festival 2016.

Luchita and the Peruvian Consul.

Luchita and U.S. Senator Bob Menendez.

Hi, my name is Luchita, and I want to thank you for stepping by into my web site to know more about my business and myself. Everything started 40 years ago in my homeland country Peru. I was born in el Callao city port; which is one of the most famous ports in Peru and South America.
The passion for cooking, specially bakery, was born with me, and since then, I have been making and preparing the traditional Peruvian bakery to my family, neighbors and my clients. Due to the high demand of my Alfajores, Cakes, desserts and other Peruvian bakery goods, I was forced to start my own business in Peru and US.
My family and myself migrated to the United States 30 years ago to start a new life. My traditions, customs and bakery came along with me as well. I have transferred my secrets to my daughter and my granddaughter who, along with me, work in this business too.
I rethought and replanned my business in US with the same spirit and love I started it in Peru, and after a long time of hard working, I have finally consolidated it and established it in US. Today, I want to invite you to join me to enjoy and delight the traditional Peruvian bakery.


Luchita and Pochita.

Pochita at Peru fusion event.

Pochita and Emanuel at Peru fusion event.

Pochita is Luchita's most trustworthy partner in her life and business. She has been with Luchita for more than 50 years advicing Luchita, taking care of the business, administrating, commanding, and watching all aspects of Luchita's life and business. Luchita never makes any desicion without asking for Pochita's advice first, and together, have accomplished many successful business in Peru and US. Pochita is Luchita's bakery most important pillar in this business, and she will continue with Luchita beyond her life. Pochita is an irreplaceable member of Luchita's Bakery team.


Patricia at Peru Fusion & Festival 2016.

Patricia and friends at the ICC in NYC.

Patricia at the ICC in NYC.

Patricia, better known as Patty, is Luchita's only daughter along with her other four brothers. She grew up between cake pans, cake doughs and pastry since she was a child. She grew up seeing and learning from her mother the old school techniques in bakery and pastry. Patty also loved to make cakes for her brothers and neighbors with the same passion and creativity inherited from her mother.
Patty is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, and she is one of the main contacts when dealing with international clients. Patty, also, had the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigous five stars hotels in Peru: Swissotel in Lima and Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Cusco.
Patty studied at the International Culinary Center (ICC) in New York City, with an specialization in bakery and pastry, and joined Luchita's Bakery with the same enthusiasm and passion learnt from her mother. She combines the traditional Peruvian bakery and pastry with the new techniques in doughs, fillings, decoration, and quality learnt from her mother and the ICC institute. The combination has created a new Peruvian fusion bakery and pastry to delight our customers with the traditional and nowadays bakery and pastry.


Milo and Bred at the ICC in NYC.

Milo at the ICC in NYC.

Milo and customer at The Bakery House event.

Milo is Luchita's first son along with Erick, his twin brother. Milo was born between pans and cakes, so seeing cakes, cream fillings, and sugar art, was his everyday routine. Milo studied computer science in Peru, and computer information systems in US, and has worked in some prestigious software companies in Peru and US. Milo has, also, studied at the International Culinary Center (ICC) in NYC with an specialization in pastry and bread. After many years of working with computers and software, Milo changed his passion for computers to his passion for bakery and pastry. Milo joined Luchita's Bakery to contribute with his experience in business management and organization, and along with Luchita's team, have created one of the most successful Peruvian Bakeries in New Jersey.

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